Hello World! My name is Jonathan Brierre. Honestly, the best way to tell you about me is to tell you that I am an infinite and eternal being. I am everything one could possibly imagine, and more. Anything is possible with me, and I have the power to move mountains with my pure intention.  

My soul-purpose in this lifetime is to live, let live, and to help live. I aspire to inspire at all costs and I am breathing in and out an abundance of life, light, and love at any given moment. Therefore I've decided to start my career as a 

Jonathan Brierre

Life Coach


Infinite Being

Live Life ​Learning Love

Who Am I?

professional Life Coach in the hopes to spread my positive energy outwards. Also, I aspire to be the next best Real Estate Agent one will have ever seen, however, this website is to be more oriented towards my every day life experiences, my overall take on life, and my profession in Life Coaching.

"What exactly is Life Coaching?" You ask?

Life Coaching is an entrepreneurial profession that is oriented towards the helping of people with whatever problems, struggles, or obstacles they have in their way in achieving their goals. Just as a coach one would see mentoring and teaching people how to play a sport, Life Coaches teach people how to play the game of life by giving people the advice and tools needed to power through whatever is holding them back from feeling more fulfilled.

"Why did you decide to become a Life Coach?"

To honestly answer that question, I'd just have to say I love People. I love talking to people, I love listening to people and the different perspectives they provide on different subjects, and most of all, I love helping people out with whatever problems they may encounter in life. In the past, I too have often found myself in situations where I've felt trapped and hopeless. However if it wasn't for the people that entered and coached my life, I wouldn't be in the position of empowerment in which I'm in today. So in a way, becoming a professional Life Coach is my way of gratefully giving back to the universe for all it has done for me.